Change Your Swimsuit, Change Your Life

Everyone Wants to Feel Better in A Swimsuit

Helen Jon wants you to look and feel YOUR BEST in a swimsuit.

We fit and test our swimwear THREE TIMES more than the average brand.  

We Focus on the Details

The little things can make a big difference. We are obsessed with extra fittings because it allows us to fine tune every aspect of our suits.  Our mission to is to marry elegance and support.  We want suits that fit our customers beautifully – flatter their figures, provide support  and stay in place.  Sometimes this requires cups, inner architecture and seaming. But, we don't want it to look or feel overly constructed.

We also take time to research the best fabrics and closures and invest in what will work best for our customers.

We Fit Test On Real Women--Our Employees!

We are fitting women's swimwear on real figures, not models.  Our employees are our fit models!  If a suit is (or is not) sitting properly on our bodies, we know what to add, adjust or revamp. 

Our goal is to make you feel great while wearing Helen Jon.  We want you to BE HAPPY IN A SWIMSUIT!  We talk a lot about comfort when wearing our suits. The straps need to sit well and wires should stay in place. Interior support can be uncomfortable if not correctly placed, and we want our customers to look beautiful, feel confident and most importantly, be comfortable.  

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